DCS is dedicated to offering services that provide great value to you and your business.

DCS recognizes that in today's competitive industry it takes more than just the best price to win business and maintain that business. That is why we are more committed than ever to offering a menu of services that both help strengthen your business relationship with customers and make doing business with us easier. Whether it is our host of corporate branding options, our distribution and logistics operations, or our technology and integration capabilities we offer services that complement our solutions and help you focus on your business. We invite you to see some of the ways our services can help you.


Take advantage of our skilled marketing and branding professionals to help position your business.


Diversified Computer Supplies prides our self in being a leader in pick-pack operations. We operate with a 99.98% error-free order processing and shipping record. We arrange for the quickest, most cost efficient shipping method and are capable of meeting the most stringent shipping requirements. All orders received by 6:30pm EST are shipped the same day.


DCS continues to develop IT strategies for our partners, currently we have developed partnerships with some of the top ecommerce providers in our industry. In addition we support backend connectivity with XML feeds, EDI integration, as well as our new live e-commerce ordering platform. All methods of connectivity offer the same competitive pricing.