September 30, 2009

DCS Announces:
The Launch Of Optiprint-Managed Print Services Program

OptiPrint is an adaptable turnkey MPS program offered through Diversified Computer Supplies, Inc. With facilities in US and Canada, DCS has evolved into a leading wholesaler of imaging solutions to thousands of dealers throughout North America. As the industry has evolved with power and growth into new channels, DCS remains committed to its independent dealers. The DCS purpose remains consistent which is to provide imaging solutions at prices necessary to remain competitive in today's predominately price driven marketplace.

Clearly, one of the advantages for Independent Dealers embracing print management strategies will be to create a tighter bond between themselves and their customers. The DCS OptiPrint program will allow the IR to maximize that bond...without creating an additional bond between the OEM and the end users, as is typically seen in other PM programs. The OEMs and chosen distribution partners continue to expand their own print management footprint...DCS doesn't feel the dealers should leave the OEM's a path to their own customers!!!

The independence of DCS will maximize your investment by allowing the dealer to connect closest to the customer and keep third parties away from your customers...while still providing the essential tools for PM success;

  1. Competitive Pricing for OEM and Compatible Products
  2. High Quality Compatible Products with Extended Yield capacity
  3. World-Class Monitoring and Proposal Generating Software

Learn more by calling Diversified Computer Supplies PM advisor
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